Monday, April 26, 2010

Bedtime Story

My boys having story time before bed. I love these moments...I hope I get to see a million more of them.

My baby boy's little hand resting on his daddy's arm makes my heart melt.

Tyson knows quite a few signs now and uses them to communicate which is SO fun! We need to get them on video soon. Here we caught him signing "more" over and over to get Robin to keep reading.

And here he's signing "please" quite vigorously, ha ha. When he REALLY wants something he signs "more please, more please, more please!"

Our curious little George. We have to hold the pop-up books far enough away so he can't rip them when he gets all excited!

Sweet dreams around here tonight :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sick of being sick

Sick sick sick - we are the sick house! Whew! Read on at your own risk... (don't worry, the photos aren't scary) It's been a long week. At my soccer game on Saturday Robin was walking around with Ty having a grand old time. All of a sudden from the sideline I hear Robin saying, "Heidi! We need to leave RIGHT NOW." Of course I'm thinking Tyson fell and cracked his head open or something so I go rushing over and as I got close enough to see....Ty had puked all over Robin! Poor guys!!!! We booked it out of there and tried to clean up in the parking lot before buckling into the car seat to head home. On the way we stopped for some Chick-Fil-A (basically fast food, but I've been hearing a lot about it and couldn't wait to try it) drive through so Robin and I would have dinner. We got home, Ty was begging for food and seemed happy, so we fed him bananas and applesauce. MISTAKE. 30 minutes later, Ty ran past me and crawled into Robin's arms only to puke all over him again about 2 minutes later. Poor guys again! Kind of lucky mama,'s okay with me if Ty would rather have Robin hold him during those moments ;-)

Anyway, 24 hour flu, no more throwing up, but he was feeling pretty yucky the next day too. Unfortunately (but not surprising), Robin came down with the flu yesterday and did the same thing! My poor, poor boys. Robin worked most of today and is still recovering, but he's on the mend. I'm sure you wanted to know all of those gory details. Hey, you chose to read on! It was our first "baby-throwing-up" experience so I had to document the lives of new parents.

I don't think Tyson was very amused, but I couldn't help taking pictures of him laying around on his daddy all afternoon. If you know how much energy this crazy toddler has, then you will know how sick he must have been to just sit there resting in his daddy's arms for hours! So precious.

Robin got a tiny little 2 second laugh out of him by busting out the Donald Duck voice - works every time.

But quickly back to sicky boy with no smiles...and I think he was getting a little bit tired of me flashing him with all the pictures.

Robin loved the cuddle time though, let's be honest. He NEVER sits like this with either of us!

Thanks for sharing in our misery!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Zoo: Take Two!

Yesterday Ty and I had the chance to visit the zoo again with Lisa and her boys! It was 70 degrees, sunny, and no wind = perfect zoo weather. I love how adventurous Tyson is getting and have so much fun watching his little brain work as he sees new sights and hears new sounds. I try to keep him in the stroller for a while at first, but after a while he wants to get out and walk! So far he's doing a great job of holding my hand and walking where I lead him...though I'm sure that won't last too much longer. Here's some fun shots of our day!
Checkin out those giraffes...
"Coooome here fishy fishy fishy..."

"Hi Mr. Lizard. Gimme a pound, dog!"

Me and Ty and Lisa and Isaac...washed out, sorry, but it's hard to get a group shot when you're haulin kids around!

My little Curious George.

Lunch time in the BOB.

Ty's first train ride!!! He love it. Big boy sitting by himself...

"Oh hey, what's up Isaac?"

Zoo buddies. I love him.

Happy Friday, everyone!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The hunt is on...

We had our first Easter Egg hunt yesterday!!! The weather was gorgeous and my little man looked quite handsome. Robin was in Seattle leading worship at our old church for the weekend so we had to make do without him and document with photos. Ty was a champ hunter...


"Man, there are not enough eggs in this basket yet..."

"Guess I'll have to go find some more! Maybe Pappy will help..."

Hard work lugging a basket around that's half your size!

Time to count my loot...

Maaaan it's hot out here. Need some shade!

Thanks for dying the eggs and making the hunt for me Grandmommy!

In other fun news, my MAMA is here for a few days!!!! YAY! I have missed her so much and it feels like a little piece of home is here to visit. I get 4 days with my mom's undivided attention (that's saying something when she has a husband, 4 kids, and 11 grandkids taking up her time these days!). We will be showing her around town and giving her a glimpse of our life here in Denver. I love you mom!

Friday, April 2, 2010


A couple of days ago we finally had our first trip to the zoo! One of Robin's friends from high school asked me and Ty to go with her and her two boys (Reily 2.5 yrs and Isaac 1 yr) since they have a zoo membership and could get us in for free. Of course Ty is a little bit on the young side to really "get" what we were seeing. If an animal wasn't moving, he didn't even notice it was there! But the trip was totally worth it and we can't wait to do it again.

I felt like I officially joined the ranks of parents with toddlers... My packing check list felt long and it was interesting keeping track of a walker amidst the crowds! Sippy cup, snacks, wiping runny noses, hand sanitizing at least every 30 minutes after picking up something gross from the ground, in and out of the stroller 100 times, lots of, "Hold mommy's hand please!", wide eyes and gaping mouth when we saw an animal close up, diaper changes in public restrooms (always an adventure), and generally trying to keep occupied so we didn't fall apart due to missing afternoon nap :) A great time was had by all. Hopefully daddy can join us next time!

Okay so the carousel deserves it's own story, first of all. Tyson has never been on one before and I was sure he would love it - what kid doesn't!? Well...I had to peel him off me one finger at at time with all of my strength to get him to sit on the seat. Then...he started crying. His little face just broke and he looked like I had sent him to his death! I stood as close as I could and hugged him around the waist while the music started. After a minute he was too distracted to cry, but he definitely never smiled. He just sat there with a steel grip on the post and didn't blink or make a sound. I don't' know if I would say he "enjoyed" it, but at least he didn't' seem to mind after the initial shock (see video). We'll keep working on it...

We saw some great animals! He especially liked the giraffes and they came really close to us after this picture.

I didn't know camels were actually this weird looking, lol.

Reily and Ty looking at the fish in the tank! Finally some animals at eye level ;-)

He was in and out of the stroller quite a bit and I could barely keep track of him once his feet hit the ground! He wanted to walk everywhere and loved the tanks.

Following Reily around some more...

We tried to get a picture of Lisa with her boys, but you know how boys are!

Finally at the end of a long but very fun day, he passed out in the car. First zoo trip was tiring but successful! We can't wait to get our own membership at some point.