Monday, September 20, 2010

Day with daddy

Last weekend I have the privilege of going on my very first "women's retreat" with our church. I left on Friday afternoon and didn't get back until laaate late on Saturday night. As the weekend approached and I prepped what Ty would need for a couple of days, Robin and I realized that I've never left the two of them overnight before! Robin and I have left Tyson with friend/grandparents numerous times, but somehow Ty had never spent a day and night just with daddy. Robin is the most amazing and helpful dad I have ever met. He and Ty are buddies (okay, if we're being honest, more than buddies... Ty thinks Robin is the coolest thing in his world and would choose him over me any day) and they always have a good time by themselves. But faced with the prospect of me being gone for 24 hours, Robin furrowed his brow and with a very concerned look on his face he said, "uhh, what do I feed him!?" I had to laugh because it sounded like he was pet-sitting for the first time or something and didn't know what the thing was supposed to eat. But remember my earlier comment about him being the best dad? After the moment of mild panic passed, Robin remembered the same thing...he already knows how to (and does) take care of Tyson no problem. He just needed a little reassurance from the wifey ;-) Needless to say they had a great time playing outside, being boys, and loving having time alone together.

Another thing that happens when mom leaves is that daddy breaks out the video camera to capture some of their guy time moments. Ty loves trains so Robin drove over to the tracks close to our house in hopes of actually seeing a train go by up close. Even though a train didn't pass by, they had just as much fun playing in the dirt with sticks while they waited :) I was glad I got to see a little glimpse of their day. Just hangin out, shootin the breeze like men do...

Okay this is also pretty funny so I had to include it. Robin put "Baby Einstein" to good use so he could make dinner for the two of them. Someone gave us an entire set of the DVD's and since Ty doesn't get to watch them very often, he freaks out because it's a real treat - especially in this video where they found one that plays "The Wheels on the Bus!"

Thanks for the day and night off, babe! I love how you take care of our son and that he loves you more than life :) You're the best daddy and will be just as great with your baby girl in a few months!

White Fence Farm

Another "catch up" post from a few weeks ago... For "Pappy's" birthday, Grandmommy and Pappy took us to White Fence Farm. It's a sit down restaurant (think fried chicken, mashed potatoes, you get the picture) served family style, plus a little petting zoo, duck pond, and playground. Ty had the time of his life and I thought he was going to have a heart attack seeing the animals up close...
Petting the cow - he couldn't get enough of the cow.

Giving the goat a kiss...I'm sure that's completely sanitary.

We tried to get a little video of Tyson running around all excited about the animals. He was either "clucking" at the chickens nice and loud (that's what he's doing here), or running back to "moo" at the cow.

Cute little duck pond with fish and a footbridge. Pappy and Grandmommy are helping him feed the ducks on the far right.

He loved chasing the ducks around which was pretty funny to watch since they almost came up to his waist.

Riding the stationary (though you wouldn't know it from this picture) horse at the playground.

Not quite sure about these metal slides...we've only done plastic. Daddy got him to go down once or twice.

I showed him the balance beam, which he would not leave after he figured it out. He needed help but I was surprised how good his balance was and how he walked in a straight little line with his feet!

Aww little lamb.

Pappy and Grandmommy on the farm :)

Waving to everyone from the wagon we found on the way out.

We will definitely be going back since Ty LOVED the place. And besides, who doesn't like some good 'ol fried chicken once in a while!?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Rock

I am so behind on blog posts!! Sorry to our regular followers :) We have had a very busy last few weeks so I'll have to play catch up and knock out some late ones.

Labor Day Weekend (yes, THAT behind) we decided that it was time we hiked "The Rock" since we live in the city of Castle Rock and the actual rock is about a 30 second drive from our house. It's a short little hike but we had fun breaking out the hiking backpack for Ty and getting out to enjoy the sunshine together! Tyson had a great time playing around with daddy when we got to the top. Next summer I think Ty will be able to hike it himself since we'll be carrying his sister in a backpack...

Second pregnancy I've decided it's just not as fun to post "bump" pictures for some reason, and I have failed miserably for those of you who have asked, so here is a picture at about 25 weeks.

More "catch up" posts to follow soon!