Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boating with daddy

Finally Robin made it to Seattle and the weather changed so we were able to go out in the boat! Ty had been once before, but never with his daddy. We just did a short trip with Papa and played on the beach, rowed around in a cove in the dingy, and practiced throwing rocks in the water. These days are precious memories :)
Heading out of the marina, sitting on the bow with daddy.
Hangin on when we really get going!

Finding seaweed and sticks and lots of treasures on the beach.

This is what it's all about. Salt water. Boat. Beach. My dad, husband, and son just "messing about in boats" and soaking up some sun.

Papa teaching Ty how to walk on the rocks and avoid the slippery seaweed while looking for "critters" in the shallow places.

The face of discovery, lol (only happens about 500 times a day with a toddler).

Papa taking Ty out in the dingy to paddle around.

Learning how to row!

Best weekend in a long time. Last summer of boating with just a family of 3! Next summer we'll have a baby girl in tow.

Papa teaching Ty more things about life as a boater, like how to properly walk on all the logs.

And find treasures on the shore...

Rock throwing lessons with daddy. Now let's see if we can teach the difference between throwing rocks in the water at the beach, and throwing rocks other places that are not appropriate! Good luck.

Proud dad watching his son throw both-handed ;-)

Headed back into the Marina with my little sailor.

Salt water breeze on the face of pure joy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From plants to playtime with Papa

My dad loves to teach Tyson new things. He likes to take "adult" items or activities, show Ty how to do it, and just see what happens (injury, mess, you name it and it happens eventually). Yesterday's lesson started out teaching Ty how to water Nana's potted plants on the back patio. It turned into a water adventure using different setting on the hose nozzle, which resulted in a soaking wet child and a laughing-his-head-off Papa. I love it. Enjoy the story unfolding through pictures...
Teaching him how to water Nana's flowers so carefully.

Hmm, let's try the jet stream on the hose...

Well, might as well stick your hand in the jet stream of the hose and see what happens.

My dad is starting to chuckle, seeing where this is headed...the splatters start.

Hair getting wet, water running down the arm...

Next step is obviously to put the water right in the hair.

And egg the child on. Not sure who is having more fun here.

The face of pure soaking wet joy.

Ty loves his lessons from Papa. They are usually messy, always fun, and leave everyone laughing. We've been living here almost a month, and we will miss it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"And so began my love affair with water..."

So I'm into country music lyrics for blog titles lately if you can't tell. I swear, there is always a country song to describe any day or night, relationship, or situation. Last night's beach adventure just made me realize, once again, how in love I am with water. And that my little tiny son is developing the same love. That's a good thing :) It was a beautiful sunny day which of course means we call up the cousins after dinner and meet down the hill from my parent's house at the beach. I have a love affair with water, and now my baby boy can't get enough. All we need is daddy to come on Thursday to join us in our adventures!!! Until then, he will have to observe through pictures just like the rest of you.
Walking the shoreline with Papa, as always.
Found a really cool log fort to play in.

Serious discoveries with cousin, Macy.

Following the "big kid" cousins around the beach. His little legs can't quite keep up, but he tries!


Play time with Papa throwing him in the air.

Takin a load off. All that beach play wears a man out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Just another day in paradise..."

We are in Seattle, woo hoo! Well, Anacortes, really, since Ty and I are staying with my parents for a few weeks. I finally had time to get a post on here from our trip.

I just have to say, I love my family. They are all so cute and funny and fun to be around. I feel like it's rare, these days, for a large family to just love being together. With my parents, siblings, and their kids, the count is up to 20...with 3 more girls to be born in December. Crazy! My mom basically "works" part time these days taking care of grand kids. She has 3 pack n plays, exersaucers, a play yard, cribs, high chairs, toddler beds, infant swings, 3 baby monitors, infant seats, more booster seats than I can count, teething toys all the way up to a library for 12 year olds, dress-up bins, dinosaur shaped sandwich cutters, and an entire shed full of different size helmets and scooters, riding toys, and little bikes with training wheels. It really is amazing. It sure makes visiting a lot easier since all I have to bring for Tyson is clothes!

All of these little people everywhere make for quite an entertaining schedule some days. My parents live in a housing development right above the Anacortes marina and there is a great little beach called Tug Boat Park where we rendezvous quite often. We thought we were going to play at the beach for 20 minutes before dinner with my parents, Tyson, and three of his cousins. Well it was such a nice day, and everyone was enjoying themselves so much, that we ended up deciding to stay for an impromptu dinner at the beach. I mean, why not? My brother-in-law picked up pizzas, and my brother and his wife and their three kids joined joined the party. My mom ran up to the house (well, not really ran, but it's a 2 minute drive) to grab her stash of juice boxes, paper plates, napkins, and a couple of sippy cups. Here is the final scene as the sun is starting to go down, but we're just having too much fun eating and being silly and playing in the sand to care :)

Cousins Reily, Anna Marie, and Kaylee chowing down.
Ty playing with cousin Tevin who is about 6 months younger and almost walking.

Isn't he so CUTE!? He looks exactly like my brother.

My brother, Leif, brother-in-law, Bobby, and my dad. The family men, talking about life and the world, as usual.

Cousins playing at the beach.

Ty playing peek-a-boo with Nana's hat. They're best friends.

Kisses for his leading lady these days...

Can you tell we LOVE being at the beach??? :)

Speaking of which, time to head back down to the water.