Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pizza Playdate!

A couple of weeks ago we had a play date at our house with a couple of Ty's friends from our Growing Kid's God's Way parenting class.  Okay, and it's kind of a play date for me to hang out with the mom's ;-)  My friend Jenna brought "Mini Murphs" for the kids to make their own personal pizzas for lunch!  Papa Murphy's Pizza just started selling these little kid-sized pizzas with individual containers of toppings (cheese, sauce, pepperoni, etc).  They had so much fun "decorating" their own lunch and watching it bake in the oven!

Since I was taking pictures, Jenna had the fun job of helping BOTH of our sons spread their sauce and do their toppings.

Spreading their sauce was a highlight...which of course, Tyson turned in to "stabbing" his pizza dough and poking holes in it.  Such a boy - apparently he has to "kill" his food before he eats it, lol.

And then there was little Miss Kayla, who spread her sauce perfectly, and then perfectly spaced out her toppings.  Such a difference between boys and girls!  It was pretty obvious which pizza was Kayla's, and which ones were the boys' when we were done!

Making pizza was obviously a huge hit for everyone :)  Thanks, Jenna!