Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Too cute for words...but too excited for pictures.

 A couple of Sundays ago, Jersey wore the CUTEST dress in her wardrobe.  Now that she's finally walking, she can wear outfits like this!  After church we tried to take some pictures at our house, since her picture on our mantle needs to be updated, but she was too wound up from church and a short morning nap to sit still...  Here are our attempts at capturing the outfit - not exactly frame-able, but still cute :)

"Oh hi daddy! Can I see the picture!?"

"I'll sit still...but I'm not going to look at the camera."

"Okay fine, I'll look, but I'm going to make funny faces at you instead of smiling."

"Oh good, are we done with pictures?"

"...pleeease can we be done..."

She's a stinker sometimes, but I love her to the moon and back :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday Morning

Our little first-born son turned 3-years-old on January 25th.  I'm a little behind posting these pics because our dear friends, the King family, flew in from Seattle to stay with us for almost a week on Ty's actual birthday.  On the morning of the 25th we definitely had to do something special for our little dude, so I went to the store before the kids got up and brought back birthday donuts - complete with candles.  The pictures pretty much give you the play by play, and you can tell by the expressions on Ty's face that he was beyond thrilled with his donut surprise (good thing he had his Green Smoothie first to balance out his breakfast, lol!). 

Okay, Robin's expression is pretty excited, too ;-)

I'm THREE!!!

Look at that face...he can hardly contain himself.

I think he likes it.

Can't stop smiling and a birthday boy should :)

Jersey feeling a little left out.

...but it didn't last long - she still flashed me a sleepy-eyed smile.
Hard to believe three years have already gone by.  I remember driving myself to the hospital to have them check and see if my water had actually broken.  Being the rookie that I was, I just assumed I'd drive myself back home after they checked me out, lol.  Not the case...  Robin headed to the hospital on the afternoon of January 24th, and after a very long and tiring night, Tyson Lloyd Schween was born at 5:55 am the next morning.  Our lives changed 100% from that day forward, and I wouldn't have missed one day with my boy for anything.  He is a challenge, he's smart, he loves to learn, he makes us laugh, he loves on his little sister (most of the time), he plays it safe, he loves to sing, he never runs out of energy, he wants to do everything just like his dad, he never stops talking, and we are so blessed to watch him grow and change and lean new things every day.  Happy 3rd birthday to our first-born...we love you more than words can say.