Monday, June 21, 2010

Father and Son

Father's Day weekend was just fabulous for the Schweens! On Saturday I cut both boys' hair, which took some time but was worth it because they look cuter than ever. Sunday, Robin lead worship at church as usual, and afterwards we came home for brunch with Robin's parents. Ty spent some time playing in the yard with his daddy, and luckily we caught some of those moments with the camera... Those two just melt me when they're together. All that playing lead into a nice long nap for Tyson, relaxing afternoon for mom and dad, and then out to a seafood dinner at our new favorite restaurant to celebrate Father's Day. Days like these need to be scrap booked and not forgotten :)
This has got to be one of the best smiles EVER.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mountain Getaway

This last weekend Robin planned a 3 day/2 night getaway in the mountains for the two of us. We left Ty with my in-laws on Friday night and set out on our trip! Stayed at a hotel 1.5 hrs away, and the next day drove another 1.5 hrs to our final destination: Glenwood Springs, CO. It's a beautiful little town and Robin picked a really cool, historic hotel for us to stay in. We hauled our bikes all the way there but unfortunately, due to some rain, we didn't get to fit our long ride in. But we got to do other fun things and most importantly, spend time ALONE :) Enjoy some pics! I loved my first "real" trip to the mountains (other than short day trips), and Robin loved being the tour guide.
Beautiful drive through a canyon.

Glenwood Springs!
Our SWEET digs: Robin did a good job with this surprise...
The tavern where we went to eat lunch and watch the USA world cup game.
This is one of my favorite parts of the trip. A completely natural hot springs! I was expecting a hold in the ground surrounded by rocks, but luckily civilization has made some improvements... This is a HUGE pool that is heated solely by natural hot springs. There are holes drilled in the floor where you can feel the warm water coming up. The temperature stays between 90 and 94 degrees - perfectly warm for us pregnant people who can't go in really hot water. There was also a "hot tub" section where the temperature is more like 104 degrees, so Robin tried that out while I stayed in the big pool. It was all neat and steamy looking with lap lanes, water slides, etc. We hung out in there for a couple of hours, even when it drizzled on us it was warm and steamy!

Looking up at the gondola ride we took up the mountain to explore some famous caves.

In the gondola, obviously...

Views at the top!

Look out spot during our cave tour.

Waaay too excited about the "fizzing" sucker I bought in the gift shop to take on our tour... It was seriously good. (I almost bought another one for the drive home)
Awesome staircase leading to the deepest part of the caves!

Lessons about stalactites vs. stalagmites...and how they've been forming for 350 million years, lol ;-)

The handsome photographer.

All in all, we had a completely wonderful time together! Leisurely sipping coffee in cafes, dinner out with no bibs or sippy cups in sight, and sleeping in until whenever we felt like it :) These kinds of weekends are few and far between, and we are very grateful for the childcare! Ty did great for his grandparents (though he falls apart when we leave, it only last a few minutes). Hopefully we can fit in another weekend or two before baby #2 comes along in December :)