Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bye bye snow, hello heat! I said, March Madness weather here. Yesterday was over 80 degrees!!!!!! Ty is cutting 4 molars and 2 eye teeth - fun. Poor baby is doing pretty well since he's walking all over and that provides a better distraction from pain than crawling. But eating doesn't feel very good. Luckily, the weather turned and yesterday was gorgeous outside and that provided a whole host of new distractions. We had to break out the sun hat and hit the back yard for some rays.

Grandmommy's garden that I'm not supposed to touch. But a box of dirt with things sticking out of it is impossibly tempting...

Just chillin in the grass...

All this playing in the sunshine is tiring. He decided to go lean back on the fence and rest. So funny.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

True March Madness!

Okay, so I know I just posted about our first snow a few days ago. But...we got a much bigger snow yesterday! March in Denver really is madness!!! Warm sunshine to a blizzard overnight. We put Tyson to bed at 8:00 as usual, then Robin and I bundled up and headed outside to walk around and play in the snow together for a while. It was so beautiful and quiet! It was still snowing really hard and we had a great time walking around the gorgeous winter wonderland outside. We officially had over a foot of snow yesterday morning! Robin even got to go into work a couple of hours late, so we just made lattes and snuggled in to the house this morning for some quality family time :) I wanted to share our views so here are some pics of the front and back yard!


Our backyard! (That's the neighbors house in the background) The snow level makes the tree branches look like they touch the ground.

Looks like these aren't going to be lighting up the yard much ...

Wind chimes...guess they'll sound different when they're frozen??

This would be the driveway. Our neighbor brought his snow blower over and cleaned off the driveway for us! So nice. AND I got to see my first snow blower ;-)

This would be my car parked in front of the house - what's left of it. Everyone around here gets right to shoveling and snow blowing as you can see...

Whew! CRAZY weather! I love it!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing with my favorite people...

As I mentioned in my last post, one day it was 67 degrees, and the next day it was snowing! Well, here is a re-cap of the 67 degree day. We took daddy to our new favorite park and some family time in the sunshine!

He LOVES loves love you can see.

Big boy learning to walk on the wobbly bridge.

Can't quite make it up the last steep part without some help.

My two favorite people. They love each other :)

Doesn't get much better than days like this...

Blizzard and bare buns

I am realizing more every day how crazy the weather can be here. Spring, and March in particular, is very unpredictable weather-wise. I actually love it! Last week it was 67 degrees and bright sunshine one day. Then "the storm" moved in and we got a good 8 inches of snow at our house (some places around the mountains got more like 15 inches!). Two days later, it was in the 60's again and mostly melted and dry. We were hoping for some snow in Seattle so Ty could see it and use his snow suit, but that day never came! Here is Ty's first "taste" (literally) of snow...
Our snowy backyard!

He walked off the porch and sat down. It's a lot to think about for a one-year-old. This white stuff is pretty weird looking...

Then we learned how to walk in it - no easy task considering the bulky layers he had on!

Then I buried him :)

Then we learned how to eat snow.

And then...we fell. And then...we were cold and done playing in the snow :)

So we came back inside and stripped off the layers and watched the snow fall.

And of course, the best way to warm up after a cold day in the snow was a bath...I couldn't resist putting this picture up. Cutest little bare buns I've ever seen.

YAY for snow AND sun in the same week!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pajama Party

Okay, all time cutest pajamas EVER. We think Ty looks like an 8-year-old instead of the 13.5 months that he is when he wears these PJ's. And actually, Robin picked them out himself as a Christmas present for Tyson. So here we are at my in-law's house, playing around a little bit before bed...
This is his "riding toy" which for now he just pushes around everywhere like race-car-shopping-cart :) He loves "Mr. Turtle" and drives him all over the house (video below!).
He loves speed-walking up and down this hallway.
We are now learning stairs! We didn't have any in our condo but there are quite a few in the house so it was time to get a crash course (not literally we hope!) in going up and down steep stairs.

And last but not least...awesome video of the little racer in his cute pajamas :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hey good lookin...

New hair cut = handsome little man!!! We FINALLY cut Ty's hair on Saturday. It is NOT fun. I cut Robin's hair so it only makes sense that in order to keep saving time and money we will cut Tyson's hair as well. Unfortunately, he's terrified. He has so much hair that it's impossible to do it all with scissors, but the buzzers scare the living daylights out of him - poor guy! It took me, Robin, and Kathleen holding Tyson's head and hands at some points to finish the job. Ty was a pile of tears and snot by the time we were done...traumatic for everyone :) Oh well, it has to be done! And once it's over he looks SO cute and so OLD to me!!! Anyway, here are some glamour shots of the little dude all dressed up in his Sunday best and showing off his new locks. What a stud!

Still a little unsteady on his feet when he's in the grass. Plus, he hates touching the grass, so when he falls down he doesn't like to get back up because that requires putting his hands on the grass :)

We often call him "George" - as in Curious George. This is his George look when he's very seriously trying to see something new...

Playing games with mommy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Walk in the NEW Park

Ty and I successfully navigated our way to the nearest park! One thing for sure, the sunshine here is a whole new world compared to Seattle. There is still some snow on the ground, and it was 30 degrees in the morning. Naturally, this meant that I brought Tyson's coat, mittens, hat, and warm stroller blanket - my mistake. By lunch time it was 55 degrees and bright sunshine. I was sweating on our walk from all of my layers, and Tyson would have been drastically overheated had I made him wear the hat and mittens! I think this sunshine is going to mean walks to the park almost every day...fabulous.

Also, side note, as we walked through the neighborhoods I noticed one house had all of their laundry hanging out to dry in their backyard. It's March. There is snow on the ground. This is not something you would see in Seattle. Apparently it's so dry and sunny that it's just perfect weather for air drying your clothes out in nature - news to me!

Tyson is walking everywhere now which is very entertaining to watch, and sometimes has it's challenges as he's starting to get into everything that he couldn't see before! Back home it's been pretty cold, and too wet to try walking outside (since he just started last week). But HERE it's perfect walking learning weather! Dry, sunny, warm, and relatively flat :) We went to the park and I got him out of the stroller and put him down to walk around for the first time. It took a few minutes to learn that the surfaces were different from inside the house, but he loved learning and I definitely loved following him around with the camera and documenting our first outdoor adventure.
Our closest new park! Behind the camera is a whole sand box with baby swings, playhouse, etc. So great! A paved walking trail goes in a big loop around the park, too, perfect for strollers.
Obviously a fan of swings.
Cutest face in the world :) Checking out his new territory on foot for the first time!

Very serious, lots to see.

Thought about walking on the wobbly bridge...decided a tummy-view was safer.

Hmm, this grass stuff is kinda weird.

Evidence of snow! Definitely wondering what that white stuff is.

Tired little legs needed a break.

Look out!!! My brakes don't work very well yet!

I just don't like these wood chip things, but they keep sticking to my hands!

All tuckered out from the park and all that walking! Whew!