Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Helping Hands

Considering that Jersey has been crawling for a few months now, we are a little bit late installing a baby gate at the top of the stairs where the kid's rooms are. Last Saturday the kids finally helped daddy put up the new gate. And oh were they helpful ;-)


Jersey reading the directions out loud to Robin.

Then she got a little bit hungry and tried to eat them.
Tyson hammered and drilled away with his "tool set" just like daddy.

Robin loves when I take these random, candid photos ;-) I can't help it, the kids are too cute caught up in moments like these!

Jersey "helped" the whole time. She even started handing Robin pieces of hardware, lol. As far as we know she didn't eat any of those...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

White Fence Farm, 2nd annual trip!

We just made our second family trip to "White Fence Farm" for Pappy's (aka, Bob, Robin's step dad) birthday. It's a restaurant where you go eat a yummy family style fried chicken dinner, and then you can head outside to explore the petting zoo, duck pond, playground, etc. Ty always has a blast, and this year it was quite hilarious to have Jersey along and see her reactions to the animals.

**********"Oh hi Mr. Goat! Come over here and I will pet you."

"Oh, you eat leaves and sticks!? Perfect, I can pick lots of those!"

This went on for a good 10 minutes...I have never seen Ty laugh so hard. He thought the goat eating things out of his hand was the best thing EVER.

I mean, seriously? Just look at that FACE! I wish I had taken video to capture the squeals of delight and the shaking and jumping up and down and laughing.

Oh, and then Jersey noticed the goat... I felt like I was holding a little wild animal just trying to contain her from leaping out of my arms!

Huge, fat, sleeping pig. He wasn't interested in getting up to hang out with us.

Of course. Tyson's favorite thing in life is construction, tractors, etc. He thought sitting and stearing the big tractor wheel was pretty big time.

We saw a clydesdale horse about 100 times the size of Jersey. Ty kept calling the driver "Cowboy" and waving and talking to him. I think the driver enjoyed being thought of as a "cowboy" instead of a carriage driver ;-)

Riding the slightly girly carrousel horse near the park.

I prayed that our second child would be a sweet, slow, cuddly, quiet little thing. Well he gave us Jersey - sweet, yes, but not slow or cuddly or quiet :) She is such a gift and a blessing and I love her little go-getter self! I can't imagine her being any other way. Here she's just trying to keep up with her brother and following him around as fast as she can!

Time to feed the ducks!

Grandmommy bought some duck food from a dispenser.

As always, a great time was had by all!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ice Cream Truck

We are enjoying the final days of summer/beginning of fall (it's hard to separate the two in Colorado since it stays so sunny all the time, despite cooler morning and evening temperatures!). A couple of Saturdays ago it was "hair cut day" (I cut Robin's and Tyson's - preferably back to back since we have to get all of the stuff out and make a hairy mess outside). Robin goes first so Tyson can watch, since he's STILL afraid of the noise the hair buzzers make and even the sound of the scissors next to his ears *sigh* After Robin I cut Ty's hair (while bribing with fruit snacks) and an hour later both boys are lookin' sharp...and are covered in hair clippings :) Since it was so nice outside we did in in the garage so we could clean up with the shopvac.

On this particular Saturday I heard the familiar sound of the "ice cream truck" coming around the corner. Tyson has NO idea what that is, especially since it often comes during nap time and we've never made an effort to point it out. Well Robin and I were feeling nostalgic, or something, and we both got all excited to buy him his first popsicle from the truck (lactose intolerance doesn't allow for ice cream sandwich type things). I ran in and grabbed my wallet and we flagged the truck down, all the while trying to explain our "hype" to Tyson. Good grief, even with inflation, no wonder my mom made me use my own money if I wanted to buy something from there! It was $3 - $4 for ONE popsicle!!!! Holy cow. Needless to say we found the cheapest item (a plain white coconut popsicle for $1 and something cents - he doesn't know the difference), and we let him go at it! Well, here is the play by play captured on film...


"Now THIS is the life. Half naked (due to hair cut), in my police car (best $6 garage sale find of the summer!), eating my very own and very first ice cream truck purchase."

"Oh wow, this is reeeally yummy..."

"And kind of drippy. Here, want a lick?? I'll share!"

"Why is it starting to fall over off of the stick...?"

"Um...it fell off in my police car onto the ground, dad."

"I wanted to finish my popsicle! And now it's melting on the cement!"

Aaaaaand this is the point of utter heartbreak and devastation for a two year old...

It was a great idea and all, but probably not the best timing RIGHT before his nap. Or maybe we should have warned him what would happen if he didn't eat it as quickly as we were suggesting! Oh well, it was quite hilarious and we were glad that we happened to have the camera in the garage to capture the experience.