Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Ultimate Scooter

Birthday morning!!! Robin got up early to make Ty a special french toast birthday breakfast. The other highlight of the morning was opening the most awesome scooter ever - a group present from my parents and my two sisters. I read reviews like you would not believe. Toys, gear, kitchen items, tools, books - you name it, I read all the reviews. I spent a really long time researching different scooters for toddlers and this, my friends, is IT. Daddy was pretty excited about it, too...
Testing out our balance (aided by Elmo slippers, of course).

Robin showing him how to stand on it with one foot, and push with the other foot.

Gliding around the kitchen!! We'll take it outside once we get his helmet on and he's had some practice :)

Jersey watched her big brother :)

Aaaand then Tyson got jealous that the camera's focus had shifted to Jersey, so he came to where the action was ;-)

Happy scooting, Ty!!! Many many many hours of fun ahead (and energy released!) with this scooter. We'll have to put up a video when he gets a little bit better at it. The scooter is a little on the big side, but he's already learning to do it and I know by this spring he will have it mastered.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Go shortie, it's your birthday, we gonna party like it's your birthday..."

Today is Tyson's second birthday! Happy birthday to my baby love. I will do another post about today, but first wanted to get a blog post up about his party we had this last Saturday. He had his little friends from church and from our parenting class over (plus all of their parents, of course) for some food and cake to celebrate. Ty spent the first half an hour clinging to Robin because he wasn't sure what to do with all of the people everywhere in our house. After a little bit he joined his friends playing with toys. He definitely loved the attention everyone gave him while we sang happy birthday and he tried 15 times to blow out his one little #2 candle :) And of course as soon as he hears the word "pwesents" he's rarin and ready to go! Here are some pictures to document the party...
Getting ready to sing to the big boy.

He obviously loved being the center of attention ;-)

He tried quite a few times to blow out that candle. He thought each little puff was pretty funny. Eventually he needed a little bit of help...

Christy and baby Abigail who is 10 days older than Jersey!

Brandon, Jenna, and Ty's friend Nicholas (or "Nichis" as Ty calls him).

Death grip on his new truck.

He loooves puzzles. If only you could see the wide-eyed look of excitement on his face in this picture...

Robin loved Ty's rock star pajamas he got.

Partial view of the party room.

Jersey and Abigail...obviously the life of the party.

After the party we figured Ty should have at least a little bit of substantial food before bed. Of course, his rock star glasses just had to be a part of his late night dinner.

And last but not least, the next morning he spent hours playing with balloons left over from the party and trying to pick them all up at once. I think he thought he could carry more than he really did because half of them were stuck to him from the static. Oh well, I don't care if he thinks he can carry about 8 balloons at once :) That smile is worth it.

Another post to follow about his actual DOB, which is today!! And another special present he got.