Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Definitely pink!

Well my oldest sister has been patiently waiting for pictures of Jersey's bedroom, so this post is dedicated to her :) We painted the walls and are doing a green and all colors of pink theme in the room. Currently it is "furniture-less" because Tyson is using the crib, changing table, glider, and lamp! So all Jersey has for now is a rug and some wall decor (poor thing).

We decided to borrow a crib for a few months to use for Ty so we can hold off on moving him into a "big boy bed" until Jersey is a few months old - one major transition at a time is enough for me to think about! We also need to buy a new lamp for Ty's room that will sit on TOP of his shelving unit where he can't reach it. Because 1), his current floor lamp matches Jersey's green themed room, and 2) because no amount of discipline can keep him from touching it (it's a touch lamp, to make matters worse) and unplugging it all the time. So...that's the plan for now! I'm going to make a mobile to match Jersey's pink and green theme and will post more room pictures when we have updates! For now, here's a sneak preview...
Cutest tu-tu outfit EVER from Auntie TT :)

Picture-less frames, for now :)

A wardrope sneak peak...looks very different from the colors in my son's closet!

Couple of "key" girly items!

And this is her entire wardrobe for 0 - 18 months...a little sparse so far but at least we've started!
And that's all for now, folks! More to come as we get ourselves organized and finish getting ready for this baby girl.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Festival

Well it's that time of year again, and we officially made our first pumpkin patch trip with Tyson this last weekend. Robin and I had no idea how big this "festival" was, and went completely unprepared: no stroller, no waggon, no cooler, no costumes...just a kid and a camera. Rookie parents. Next time we'll know better, but had a great time nonetheless! Ty loved seeing all of the farm equipment, vendors, food, rides, and kids dressed up in ALL kids of costumes. He was too little to care too much about a lot of the activities, but he loves walking around and people watching and it made for a great Saturday morning family outing.

Site seeing from his favorite spot.

Catching bubbles from a really tall bubble machine. Pure joy.

We made a popcorn hand out of rubber gloves, candy corn, and popcorn. Ty just didn't understand why that wasn't considered "snack" (hard to explain to a toddler that hundreds of hands digging into barrels of these ingredients just didn't seem sanitary enough o eat...)

Time to head to the pumpkin patch!

Juuust takin it all in with daddy.

Watching some farm equipment run.

And now for the highlight of the morning...the "race track!" A bunch of toddlers scooting around a track was hilarious. And I think Robin had as much fun as Tyson did ;-)

Leaning into the turn like a pro.

Robin's face says it all in this picture.

High-fiving the biggest cow Ty had ever seen.

Family time, people-watching and having snacks on the grass.

Which of course has to include wrestling with daddy - a daily activity.

Hay ride back to the parking lot!

All tired out from a very exciting morning.

Pretty crazy to think we'll be hauling TWO kids to the pumpkin patch next year!

Monday, October 11, 2010

"Showa" cap

So because of the way our new bathroom is configured with a glass-enclosed tub, I can easily lock Ty in the bathroom with me while I take a shower (at the same time closing the doors to the walk-in closet and toilet so he can't get into anything!). He plays with a couple of toys or reads and it makes our morning routine quite efficient. Recently he has started saying "Showa! Showa!" (meaning shower) every time we make our way towards the bathroom.

The second piece to this story is that Tyson LOVES hats. He has a new favorite, his Denver Broncos hat, which he wears every day and puts on and off whenever he feels like it. He also finds it hilarious to find other "hats" and try them on for size. A shower cap is his latest discovery, and he now wants to wear it every time I take a shower. Tell me that's not one of the funniest visions you've ever seen!

Happy Monday everyone!