Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Photo Frenzy

Last weekend my dear friend, Mary Frances, did a little photo shoot of our little family of three. We hadn't made a point to go out and have our picture taken anywhere and it was long overdue! If you want to see a web album of about 50 pictures from the shoot, there is a link to our most recent Picasa album on the lower right hand side of the blog. The blog photos aren't always the sharpest quality, but the ones on Picasa are printable quality (for Nanna and Grandmommy!). Here are a few highlights... THANK YOU MARY FRANCES!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spring the fall!

Fall is definitely here. We are watching the trees sway and bend on this windy, gray morning. It is kind of nice, actually. A welcome change. Ty loves to sit by our sliding glass doors and play with his toys while looking outside at the blustery scenery! We've been getting things done at home...feels like spring cleaning, but in the fall ;-) Here are a few snap shots of our week.

Tyson is now pulling himself up on furniture and toys. He hasn't quite perfected the art of getting down once he gets up, so sometimes there is a involved on his way back down, but look out world...he is now vertical!

This is a picture of Tyson's extremely unorganized room. We have been piling books on the floor because he doesn't have a shelf in there. It is definitely time that he had some place to keep toys and books in his room! When Grandmommy visited a couple of weeks ago she observed the chaos and offered to buy a shelving unit! We promptly went out and found exactly what we needed and Robin put it together right away.

Tyson, being the wanderer that he is now, kept getting in the way during our evening of organization, so we put one of our temporarily empty boxes to good use and stuck him in there. Just his size - he loved it!

FINISHED PRODUCT! YAY! Beautiful shelf from IKEA, with perfect storage for books (intentionally out of Ty's reach for now!) and baskets for toys. His room is now clean, organized, and best of all, everything is off the floor so he can actually crawl around in there without hurting himself ;-) Thank you Grandmommy!!!

There you have our week at home :) This last weekend my most amazing friend, Mary Frances, took some family pictures of us outside in the beautiful fall scenery! Once I have the pictures organized I'll post the highlights from our photo shoot. She did an amazing job!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Mother's Prayer

This prayer was given to me by a friend right after Tyson was born. It has touched me deeply and I keep it tucked away in my Bible so that I remember and stumble upon it every so often. Such a good and sweet reminder of these precious moments. Lord knows I need the reminder today when I am sick, and Tyson is cutting his last tooth (praise the LORD). God remind me this morning how small his little world is and how important my role is in making it a safe and secure place where he can grow and learn in you.

A Mother's Prayer
Dear God,
Help me to remember this time when I can hold the whole of my baby's tiny foot in the palm of my hand.
Let me remember all the other little things I might take for granted today.
The way he grasps my finger tightly and gazes into my eyes.
The sweet welcoming smile as I come to him unexpectedly.
The way he kicks his feet and spreads his toes. His little giggle when we play "peek-a-boo."
The happy hoots and shrieks with which he welcomes the morning.
The soft smoothness of the skin all over his little body.
The way he kicks and splashes in the bathtub.
The way his eyes gleam when he sees his bottle. The way he leans against me when he's tired.
The complete trust he has in me. Help me to never knowingly betray it.
Help me to be a good mother to him, to keep him healthy and happy, to teach him wisely and well.
Let me always be there when he needs me, but give me the courage to make him able to stand alone.
Show me the right way to bring up my baby a fine man. And keep him happy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grandmommy comes to visit!

Whew!! Sunday night...time to relax, fold laundry, have leftovers for dinner, and catch up on some football and DVR'd TV shows :) We have had a very fun and full weekend! Robin's mom, Kathleen, visited from Colorado and stayed with us Friday through Sunday. It was a quick trip this time, but we had a great few days! And now Ty will only have to wait a couple of months to see his Grandmommy at Christmas. We took plenty of pictures, so I will let those tell the story of Kathleen's visit as captured on film. (If you want to see all of the pictures from the weekend, look on the lower right hand side of our blog and you'll find a link to our most recent Picasa albums.) Enjoy!
Some play time on the floor with Grandmommy after we picked her up from the airport.

Grandmommy took us all out for dinner at Tutta Bella on Saturday night - SO yummy! She also bought Ty his awesome new hook on high chair...which he obviously loves :)

Cute little man in his sweater. Wouldn't smile this time - oh well!

Family outing to the park next to our house!

Ty hamin' it up with Grandmommy in the swing.

The face of PURE JOY. Mmmm...reminds me why the Lord said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them." What a tiny little picture of how much our Father loves us.

Grandmommy singing to a tired Mr. Tyson on the swing.

Little daddy time at the park. Love my two handsome men.

Tyson falling asleep on Kathleen before his nap. Sundays are a little rough because he misses his whole morning nap due to church. He barely made it to his afternoon nap, but loved laying on Grandmommy before she had to leave to catch her flight back to Denver.

So right AFTER Kathleen left, we put Ty's Baby Legs on him for the first time - HA! So funny. Here he is looking like he's going to try to go from crawling to a sitting position...not quite sure how to do that yet.

Oh, but WAIT! HE JUST DID! He learned how to go from crawling to sitting for the first time, and then tried to do some pull-ups on the swing. Good job Ty Ty!!!!! Kathleen thought he was getting close, and she was right! She missed the event by a few hours, but saw it coming...

Me and my baby-love. I am blessed - he is amazing. I love being with him every day and the many hours of life spent playing on the floor and getting to know this little boy. Thanks for visiting, Grandmommy! See you in a couple of months!