Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend in the mountains!

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to go to the mountains for the weekend and stay in a cabin...for FREE! We were so blessed by a couple in our church who let us use their cabin for our first "mini vacation" as a family of four. We were up near Grand Lake so it was only about a 2.5 hour drive, which was perfect since we had both kids! Jersey was an angel the entire car ride there and back (like she usually is!) and Tyson did pretty well as long as we rotated his toys and fed him snacks, lol. We had SUCH a wonderful time getting away without the stress of financing a weekend retreat. Here are some of the highlights!


The main living room of the cabin. The laundry room and master bedroom and kitchen are also on the main floor. Upstairs is a loft with two twin beds, plus a bedroom with another full size bed. There is also a walkway that they added on which attaches the main house to the apartment they built above the garage. It has a whole separate kitchen, and 8 more beds and some couches!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top Model

I can't stop taking pictures of my girly girl. I think ages 3-6 months are SO fun because they are so smiley and talkative learning to use their little voices, but they can't roll over or cause any trouble yet, lol. They just sit there lookin' all cute! Not to mention...girl clothes are pretty much the most fun thing ever. I feel like I have a live doll to dress up every day ;-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diaper Days

Well one day we were killing time inside, and Jersey looked so cute in her little cloth diaper that I just had to take some pictures. This turned into a hilarious half an hour of Jersey smiling and laughing, Tyson running around in HIS diaper, and me trying to get a picture of them TOGETHER which never really works... Here is a random glimpse of my two cute little kids and their cloth diapered little butts!
Jersey just lovin life underneath her play mat.

Okay there were too many cute ones to choose from...

Her other "regular"hang out: the infant seat. She loves being down to her diaper! I've also decided that this photo may be a preview of what is to come...she totally looks like she should be holding a guitar! I think she's practicing so she can be just like daddy ;-)

And then, of course, Tyson wanted to be the center of the photo action. Very serious moment, stripped down to HIS diaper. Such a poser...

So Ty asks to "hold her" at least a couple of times a day. Of course I could never say "no" to that request, so I always let him try. He only wants to hold her for 5 - 8 seconds and then he tries to just get up and go, which of course sends me flying towards his arms to catch Jersey before she falls over after being suddenly ditched by her brother. This pattern makes it very difficult to take pictures of the two of them together - nearly impossible actually. This was the ONLY half way decent photo I could get before he would let her go, lol. Wish it was a better one! She looks nervous, and you can tell he's about ready to peace out.

He is such a ham. He gets quite excited when he can find his bellybutton, since he can't usually see it after he eats, lol. He likes to show everyone. Jersey basically just watches him with fascination every chance she gets :)

Well, guess that's one way to get both of them in a picture together. Just haaaangin out in their diapers.

Oh goodness, they make me laugh. This might have been a more "boring" post for readers...but it was quite a sweet and funny afternoon for me! I try not to take one day for granted with these two. I love every chance I get to spend with their tiny little bodies, and find them especially cute when they are down to their diapers :) Although, I think they eventually get tired of me kissing all over them! Can't help myself.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Easter weekend was a special time at the Schween house. Robin's dad and step mom came from Arizona to stay with us! They hadn't seen Tyson since he was about 3 months old (we took him to Tucson) and hadn't met Jersey. Tyson talked all about Grandpa Rob and Grandma Mo the few days leading up to their visit. And he fell in love with Mo pretty much as soon as she walked in the door ;-) Here are some snapshots of the weekend - a great time was had by all!


Jersey making her debut...quite fashionably in her diaper ;-)

Grandma Mo played with Tyson every second that she could! Lego creations were one of the first things on the agenda...

Lunch time! Once again, Tyson just wanted to sit with Grandma Mo :)

And eat her food...ha ha.

Grandpa Rob and daddy played outside with Ty - football and baseball lessons were definitely in order.

One on one coaching ;-)

Group effort, without the "tee" (wasn't that successful)

Story time with Grandma Mo, and the new book she brought for Tyson (which he has looked at EVERY single morning after breakfast since they left!)

Grandmommy and Pappy came over for Easter dinner! This is a horrible picture of Jersey, but I realized it's the only one I took of her that day all dressed up like a little Easter egg, so I had to include it anyway.

Tyson thought he'd died and gone to heaven having TWO grandmas playing with him (and agreeing to sit at his little play table, lol). He is very blessed :)

In the kitchen working on my first Easter dinner.

Easter dinner!! Robin and his mom and step dad, and his dad and step mom - so awesome! Our kids had it made having both sets of grandparents on Robin's side with us for the Easter holiday.

Aaaaaand he couldn't resist bugging Grandma Mo again during dinner...oh yes, and eating her food!

Finishing off the weekend with an Easter egg hunt inside! It is literally sunny almost every single day here in Colorado, but of course, on the one day when everyone wants to hunt for eggs outside, it "rains" (which was basically a "mist" in Seattle terms, but enough to keep Coloradins inside ;-)

Such a fabulous weekend with family! We are SO excited that they will be coming back to Colorado in July for a wedding, and hopefully staying with us again for part of their trip. Ty talks about Grandpa Rob playing baseball, and Grandma Mo reading stories and playing legos ALLLL the time. I'm really glad he'll get to see them again in just a few short months since they will still be "fresh" in his little 2-year-old mind :) And Jersey will be quite the grown up little lady by then!

Slowly but surely, I'm catching up with all of these overdue blog posts... Soon to come, pictures from this past weekend we spent in the mountains!! Our first mini-vacation as a family of four.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Boy Bed

We finally did it! Tyson got his brand new twin size big boy bed :) Instead of buying toddler sheets and a toddler bed we decided to just jump straight to a twin which would be more cost-effective in the long run. Of course I had to find some sheets with cars and trucks on them...he's obsessed. I found them on clearance at Target for $6 for TWO sets! Now that was awesome. Here are a few pictures minus any wall art, bed skirt, or bed rail. He fell out of bed 5 times the first night, I think due to a major wind storm which was scaring him during the night. The next day we bought a bed rail and he's done great in there ever since! My little boy is getting big :-/


All of his "things" (which sounds like "fings" when he says it) include two blankets (don't ask me how that happened), a lamb, a frog, and a fuzzy pillow. He loves to be piled on his bed covered with his "fings," lol.

Awww he looks so tiny in that big bed! Good thing we got a bed rail...we all feel a little more secure now ;-)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seattle post...from March...yes I am that behind.

Wow, I have NEVER been this behind in blogging! Guess that's what I get for adding a newborn to the family... Although, I can hardly believe she's 5 months old already! Hmm it looks like I can't call her a newborn anymore. I will be doing some "rapid fire" blog posts to catch up (hopefully), even though Blogger is being ridiculously slow and not working very well for me the last few days. There aren't a whole lot of captions in this post because I'm having technical difficulties, but you'll get the picture (no pun intended).

These are a few shots from our trip to Seattle in March to introduce Miss Jersey Joy to family and friends. Lot's of play time with cousins and Nana and Papa.



A bunch of the cousins in the playroom at Nana and Papa's

My lovely little sister :)

Busy little worker bee as usual, playing outside to his heart's content!

Daddy daughter time.

All of the boy cousins!

Aaaaand the cutest pictures EVER when Jersey and the twins finally met! My sister, Erika, had twin girls (Lilly and Lacey) a couple of weeks before I had Jersey. They're already three little best friends (even if it is long distance for now ;-)

Views from my parent's house. We have to take these to remind us what "real" water looks like while we're living in Colorado!

That's all for now, hopefully more posts soon!!