Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Born to boat (literally)

Wellllll this post is long overdue since it's from our Seattle trip, but we have been so busy since we got back to Colorado and I couldn't let these pictures go unseen!! We had a very important "first" experience for Ty while we were in Anacortes: his first time out on "the boat." For those of you who know me well, you know that boating in the San Juans has truly defined my life since birth. This is because my dad has salt water instead of blood coursing through his veins ;-) Needless to say, my dad now lives for taking all of the grand kids out in the boat as often as possible. Some of the kids have been afraid of how loud the motor is at first, or how far away from shore we would be, so my dad is always a little bit nervous to take the littlest ones the first time because he doesn't want them to be afraid! Luckily, Ty was a natural. Motor didn't bother him at all, and he even went out on the bow with me while we were going! My dad had a very "proud Papa" day with his natural-boater-grandson, and Ty had the time of his life. I had a wonderful day observing the whole scene and soaking up some salt water and sand.

I don't know what they were talking about, but from one old salt to one little salt, I'm sure it was a meaningful discussion about the important things in life: boating.

The boat and papa playing with Ty down on the beach while I hiked a little bit.

Learning how to peek under rocks to find treasures.

The never ending joy of seaweed.

Water streams down the rocks.

He LOVES the water. As crazy cold as it is, his little feet don't seem to mind one bit.

Obsessed with rocks. Digging, eating, throwing, repeat.

Did I mention eating??? Apparently he likes to suck on them because they're salty, then spit it out like a sunflower seed and move pop the next one in his mouth. Strange child.

Tired after our afternoon so he just put his little head right down and listened to the hum of the boat.

My little boater babe.

He is a NATURAL.

Great, great day. Doesn't get any better than that folks. We'll head back in July to get some true boating season time in!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beach Bums

The weather the last couple of days in Anacortes has been stunning. Gorgeous sunshine, warm, nice little breeze...perfect beach weather. Tyson was born with salt water in his blood, but this was the first time he had actually been to the sandy beach since he could walk. My dad and I decided to take him down to "Tugboat Park" which is in their neighborhood right on the water. Lots of logs to crawl over and sand to bury your feet in. It was a sight to behold. The kid looked like he'd died and gone to heaven (and let's be honest, my dad looked the same way). I can't even tell you how much I love these pictures...and my son. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

First steps towards the water! This sand stuff is weird to walk on...

Papa showing him the water's edge and encouraging him to put his feet in the FREEZING COLD.

He's hooked.

Me and my studmuffin.

I'm a San Juan pro so there's lots to teach my little man.

Couldn't keep him away from the water, as cold as it was!

So many sticks I can't help myself.

Taking the legs off of a poor little dead crab one by one. Then he tried to eat it.

Tired out from all the beach walking...time to just chillax on the warm sand.

I ate some. Good times.

Not a bad view for a park.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's that time again...

Greetings from Seattle! Tyson and I are having a fabulous time hanging out with friends and family on our little vacation. Missing daddy, but other than that we're loving life.
We've had a little something going on the last couple of months and were finally able to share the latest development for "Team Schween":

Soon to be a family of FOUR!

I had the wonderful blessing of being part of my dear Mary France's baby shower last weekend. We have shared life's ups and downs in more ways than you can count, and now we finally get to share another "up" and be pregnant at the same time! BARELY, since she's due next week...but technically we are pregnant together even if it's short-lived ;-) We had to seize the opportunity to take a picture together to document the occasion.

YAY! We are so excited! Crazy to think that my little baby boy is going to be a big brother in December. We feel truly, truly blessed that God has gifted us with another little life and it's something we never want to take for granted.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kickin off vacation

Well we made it to Seattle in one piece! Tyson is getting harder and harder to fly with because he's such an active little person. A 1 ft x 1 ft space in an airplane seat is hardly enough room for a 15 month old. I figure as long as I have a directly flight I can survive via cheerios, sanitizing wipes, juice, benadryl (which unfortunately only knocks him out for about 20 minutes - boo), and bribery with any toy or wallet or tissue package I can find in the diaper bag :) Lucky for me, God has blessed me with an empty seat next to us TWICE (no one wants to sit next to a kid, so that works out well), and the person sharing our row is usually a mother who comments about how she doesn't mind kinds and she knows how it is to travel. All of that is to say, we made it and we are enjoying being "home" and staying with my parents. Now all we need is daddy to be here to make it perfect! My boys are missing each other. Here's a glimpse of the first couple of days!

Story time with Nana and cousins Macy and Kaylee.
Funny boy.
Bath time in Nana's awesome soaking tub!

Doesn't get much cuter than that face...

Blowing bubbles.

Love my funny guy - and he KNOWS it, too.

We'll check in again soon! Now just time to wait around for my two friend's babies to be born (the reason for our trip). Until then, more home cooked food, views of the San Juans, and lots of naps. I love it here :)